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Inland Marine and Property

At Berkley Oil & Gas, our energy inland marine underwriters manage a unique portfolio of risks reflective of their extensive experience writing business for the energy sector.

We offer energy-specific coverages for oil & gas contractor’s equipment, well servicing equipment, property of oil & gas leasehold interests, motor truck cargo, and riggers liability. Our customized forms are industry specific and include leased, rented, or borrowed equipment from others; leased, rented, or borrowed equipment by others; employee tools and clothing; rental expense reimbursement; miscellaneous tools; newly acquired equipment; and similar property and equipment in care, custody, or control.

We want to cover the equipment you want to insure, including the following:
  • Contractor’s Equipment
  • Dirt and site prep equipment
  • Workover and drilling rigs, snubbing units, wireline units, hot oilers
  • Fracking equipment
  • Tanks, pumps, pipe
  • Light towers, generators, fusing machines, tongs, and other pipe handling equipment
  • Logging and geological equipment

We also offer coverage for transportation, EDP/computer, accounts receivable, valuable papers, fine arts, and real property. Special enhancement endorsements are available for many of our coverages.

We encourage you to contact an appointed retail agent today to learn more about our products. Our energy inland marine underwriters provide targeted sales solutions in conjunction with or independent of our casualty product offerings. Our experience in energy will give you the edge you need in today’s competitive market.

Put our energy specialists to work for you and gain the competitive edge you need to differentiate your company from the competition.