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Commercial Auto

Berkley Oil & Gas is dedicated to being well-informed of the changing dynamics of the industry, supporting industry efforts to minimize and mitigate risks and hazards in the energy sector, and constantly seeking ways to improve our products and services to meet customer needs.

Our auto policy provides coverage for legal liability caused by an accident and physical damage resulting from collisions or other incidents. In addition, we offer coverage for non-owned, leased, and hired vehicles. We offer several endorsements to enhance coverage and meet contractual requirements. Additional Insured and Waiver of Subrogation endorsements can be included on our policy on a blanket basis in order to meet Master Service Agreements’ requirements. State and federal filings, including MCS90 and Form E, are made on behalf our insured when required. Our broadened pollution liability endorsement provides additional clean up coverage for pollution spills resulting from materials transported, including oilfield chemicals. We understand that unpredictable market conditions could have an impact on our customers’ workload and cash flow. As such, we have the ability to offer a suspension of insurance endorsement suspending coverage for vehicles, including rigs, not in use for a period longer than thirty days.

Regardless of the fleet size, our energy risk specialists work with our customers to develop fleet management solutions and driving safety programs that are appropriate for their business. Our goal is to help our customers safeguard against financial and legal damages caused by an accident. Our energy risk specialists can review DOT inspection results and provide suggestions to improve these scores. They are also available after a loss to review accident details and help prevent recurrence.

In the event of an accident, our claims management team is committed to providing the best service in the industry. Our approach is resolution-focused with our customers in mind. We know that handling claims quickly, effectively, and with the utmost professionalism is important to our customers. Our claims team has oil & gas expertise that allows our customers to feel assured that we understand the types of vehicles and equipment that may be involved in an accident. With our easy-to-file claims process and dedicated claims management teams, we are able to provide the best possible outcome in the least amount of time.